The Wind

“The Wind”

Determined to move in another direction, try to capture the wind in the hollow of your hand. You clamp your fists to the open air, yet it eludes you and blows right over you headed to the outcome of its choosing. You cannot contain it. You cannot stop it. You have no control over it. The more that you try to grab it, the more discouraged you get as you realize you are absolutely helpless in your ability to stop it. 

You have seen the wind in its powerful ways, leveling a town to its very foundation. Other times, the wind gives song to the trees around it, rustling the leaves of the forest and making a dance. There are times the wind has been so gentle; it has rocked you into a sun-filled nap on a hammock by the seaside. The wind provides movement to the sailboat and energy for electricity. The wind is the signal for a change in atmosphere and weather patterns. It destroys and gives life. It is fierce and gentle. Oh, my child, the wind is nothing that you can ever control … it goes where it wants to go. 

So are the ways of God … mysterious to the ways of man, yet so powerful and mighty, so gentle and reassuring. Attempt not to control the outcome, but yield to the mighty power and remember to safeguard your soul … anything the wind uproots wasn’t intended to last forever. Everything that remains is yours to keep for eternity. 

—Cherise Selley

John 3:7